28 July 2014

19 days to Marquette 50k

Solid week.  Yesterday's 10 mile trail tempo run really made the legs protest, but I found that what was actually a faster-than-expected pace didn't seem so bad.  My legs felt tired, and the effort I was putting in made me think I was running 9:30's when I was actually in the low- to mid-8's.  I'm happy with that.  Saturday was 3 Black Loops at Lapham, too, so my legs had reason to protest.

I wanted to run 4 Loops, but I got stung by a bee with about 1/2 to go in the 3rd loop, and I was feeling kind of woozy after that.  So, it was 3 solid loops that worked well as a reminder of what's to come on the first Saturday of September.

21 July - 27 July
65 miles
6,280 elevation
6:21 fastest mile

Marquette - 19 days
Lapham Peak - 40 days
North Face WI - 47 days
Glacial Trail - 76 days

One of my favorite meals...
Estelle has quite the fashion sense :)
I also hope to be a "Useful Citizen."  Any chance the Increase Wheat from Milwaukee Brewing Company was inspired by Increase Lapham?

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