15 June 2016

Kettle 50k Recap

The first race of 2016 is in the books...and I did something I've never done before.

I cut the course.

Unofficial results had me in second place in 4:13.  I was really happy with that time, and definitely went deep in to the pain cave in the last hour.  Upon finishing, I can remember thinking to myself, "Whoa...I must've been out of it. That last 30 minutes went by fast."

It went by too fast.  Apparently I cut about 1.5-2 miles off of the course by missing a hard left hander on the blue loop of Nordic.

If you look on this map right here, you can see where I errored.  I continued straight on the purple loop instead of taking the hard left and continuing on the blue loop...right near the "P1" and "W1" markers.

I didn't realize this had happened until a phone call from Jason Dorgan (co-RD) the following Sunday.  As he explained what the thought had happened, some foggy memories came back to me.  I told him that right around that part of the course, I was thinking that the grass didn't seem as beat down as it should have.  But before long I hit some orange flags again, and just continued on.

Jason was very friendly about it, and told me he was looking at the splits of the winner, and believes the winner did the exact same thing I did.  Upon reviewing Strava...he was right.

I've never done that before and feel bad about it.  I'm guessing my time would have been closer to last year's 4:27.

Outside of that ending, I really enjoyed how the race went.  I definitely felt better along the way this year compared to last year.  I had a solid nutrition plan, followed through, and overall, enjoyed the experience a lot.

I'll be back next year, for sure.  And I won't miss that turn.

On to Devil's Lake 50k in 23 days!

19 January 2016


Time to get cookin'!

Current plans include the following:

February 6: John Dick 50k.  I've been meaning to get down to this event for years.  This year it's gonna happen.  I'm not sure I have a full 31 miles in me, but look forward to maybe 30k or 40k of trails and friends.

April 2:  NK 50k.  I'll be not running, but organizing, and look forward to another great year.

May: ?  Maybe Green Bay Marathon, or Journeys Marathon.  TBD...

June 4: Kettle 50k.  Very cool event.  Point-to-Point, afternoon start.

July 9: Dances w/ Dirt - Devils Lake.  This will be a much-improved event this year, with a new Start/Finish area.

August 20: Marquette 50k.  LOVE.  THIS.  RACE.

September 17: Lapham Peak Trail Marathon.  5th straight win?

September 24: Driftless 50k.  New event.  New course for me.  From photos, it looks beautiful.  I really enjoyed running back-to-back events 2 years ago, and wanted to do that again this year in preparation for Glacial.  The North Face events are the same date at Lapham this year, so I went searching.  Thankfully trail races are sprouting up all over the place, and I look forward to a trip to Hillsboro, WI!

October 9: Glacial Trail.  Not sure yet about whether it'll be the 50 miler or the 50k...but I'll be there!

November 6: Milwaukee Running Festival.  I hope to return for another pacing marathon.

So there you have it, loyal readers :)

17 November 2015

Pacing at the Milwaukee Running Festival 26.2

About a week before the Glacial Trail 50 miler, a Facebook friend posted that the Milwaukee Running Festival needed some pacers.  Seeing a 3:15 opening, I jumped on it.

Having not run Glacial at that point, I was a bit cautious about taking on a marathon.  Plus, could I even run a 3:15?

It turned out to be a great day.  We finished in 3:13:52--a bit fast, but there was a poorly marked mile towards the end that made us panic a bit.  I'll definitely be back to do this again.  What a great way to mix it up when it comes to running!

Strava Data Right Here

Mile 23

Cruising through MKE