07 June 2017

Kettle 50k

It's impossible to describe what the mud was like on Saturday.  Ya just had to be there.

I didn't have a great nutrition day, perhaps due to the heat and humidity, so I still need to figure that part out.  I went through Emma at Mile 15.5 in 2:15 (intentionally slower than other years) but still had nothing for Bald Bluff and the Nordic Loop at the end.  Plenty of walking.  I was apparently leading by 12 minutes at Emma and won by less than 3.  Yikes...glad it wasn't a 52k race!

On to Devils Lake in July!

Grinding to the Finish

Faking a Smile

12 May 2017

Chippewa 50k Report

Well...not much of a report.  Just some fun facts:

+ Strava sez.

+ I was in 6th with 5 miles to go.
+ With less than 2 miles to go, I was in 2nd.
+ I finished 4th.
+ Not a good strong finish for me.

+ That will motivate me to 'close the deal' at Kettle on June 3.

06 February 2017


102 Days to Superior at the moment.  That will be a great trip, and I'm excited to see that course.  Other races on the agenda include...

April 29: Chippewa 50k.  This was my first ultra, way back in 2009.  Looking forward to returning...and I'd love to break 4 hours.

May 20: Superior 50k.

June 3: Kettle 50k.  Again...Sub 4 would be awesome.

July 8: Devil's Lake 50k.  (probably)

July 26-30: Colorado Adventure!

August 19: Marquette 50k.

September 16: Lapham Peak 26.2.  (need to go back there and set the record straight after that DNF!)

September 30: Driftless 50k.  I was signed up this year, but flooding caused the race to be cancelled.  Going back this year I hope!

October 8: Glacial Trail 50k.  I'm hoping to use this as one final 'tune up' and hard effort before...

October 21: Duluth 50k.  I hope to go back and try that one again.

We shall see if I can do all of this ...  "Want to make God laugh?  Tell him your plans!"