21 July 2014

26 days to Marquette 50k

Another solid week.

I'm going to see how much 'vert' I can get in this week.  Hills, Hills, Hills for me, and hopefully some bigger mileage.  I'm also hoping to run at Lapham on Saturday.  Originally, I was going to run the Heatbreaker Marathon on Saturday, but my legs are still a bit achy from Devil's Lake, and 3+ hours of flat running isn't the best thing to do in preparation for Marquette, so a trip to Lapham is in order.

Marquette - 32 days
Lapham Peak - 47 days
North Face WI - 54 days
Glacial Trail - 83 days

14 July - 20 July 
45 miles
2405 elevation gain
6:32 Fastest Mile

Anna and Elsa are inseperable from Estelle

Climbing Trees at Bay Beach
Aston Martin DB9 at Elkhart Lake Vintage
That's Doc and Marty standing to the right.
Just your casual attire for a night at Vintage.

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