26 September 2018

Fox Cities Marathon Report

I hadn't run a road marathon since November of 2015, and that was a pacing effort that was kind of 'off the couch' at a now-defunct event.  It had been a while!

I was a bit behind in my training, and a LOT behind in my speedwork, going in to this one, and I put some miles on my legs the week of the event to keep myself in 'training' mode, with the REAL objective being Fall 50.  The weather was nearly perfect, and I slept okayyy--up quite a bit and rolling around quite a bit to different positions in the back of my truck--so I had relatively solid goals and ideas of where I'd be:

If I were under 3:10 I'd be ecstatic.

If I went over 3:20 I'd be disappointed.

My finish time of 3:14 is something I'm happy with.

In the early miles, I could tell my cruising pace was right around 7:30/mile.  That seemed like where I could be consistent and keep my breathing easy, and knock out the miles.  So that's what I stuck with.  Miles 5-8 felt especially good and the pace picked up a bit, but other than that, I kept an intention of not letting my pace slip any slower than 7:30.

My nutrition included 2 bottles of Tailwind finished at miles 10 and 14, and 200 calories each.  I took a couple SCaps in there also, but no Gatorade.

I had forgotten how fun the volunteers can be at road marathons...there was even a 'cheer tunnel' and that was pretty cool!

Other than some dry heaving in the last 1/2 mile, I ultimately finished feeling well.  Special thanks to the lady who, seeing me walking at mile 25.5 and heaving, said, "I've been watchign you run strong all day.  Get going!  Get that finish and go strong!"

On to Lakefront Marathon on October 7th...where I'd love to dip under 3:10 (I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to be under 3:05)!

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