19 September 2013

TNF Endurance Challenge - Madison 26.2

That felt pretty darn good!

I wasn't expecting to feel as good and have as even of energy as I did through that run.  Happy to say things went well.  It's amazing to bend your mind and make you brain and body hurt as much I did at Lapham, and then the next week feel as good as I did for about 3:15.  The final 15 minutes were laced with grunts and groans, but I think it doesn't matter how far you run...the last 10% is gonna hurt.

Garmin Data.  I finished in 3:27, 4th overall.  I really, really wanted 3rd place, but attaboys to those runner in front.  They ran SOLID and only put time on me.

Now, it's time to run hard for another couple weeks, then get READY for the Glacial Trail 50k.  I can't wait!

I know, not much of a report, but the data from Garmin tells most of it.  I was on solid splits until that damn section from Hwy 67 to Piper Aid Stations...that 5 mile stretch feels like 10!

Next year...

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