04 August 2014

(Mini) Taper Time

Thursdays are usually the day that I try to get longer miles in.  This week I sacrificed some miles for a tougher workout--repeats at Nutt Hill.  I did 20 repeats, which was good for 5.25 miles in an hour, and 2,100 feet of gain.  Doing that workout really strained me.  On Friday I could feel the hills in my abs and butt.  It also made me wish I had gotten to Nutt Hill a bit more often this summer.  But, it's only August, so I'll get there again.  The thought of trying to do 10 miles is appealing.  Going down and up the hill is right around a quarter-mile, so it's a mental workout as much as it is physical.  

I still got in 50 miles, which I'd like to do again this week, but make the miles a bit easier.  I'm hoping for a couple hours this Thursday, then maybe one more speed or hill workout, and then I take it easier next week in preparation for Marquette.  

Looking ahead to Marquette, I'm excited and kind of scared.  It's been a while since I've competed in a run on terrain that I've NEVER seen before.  While I definitely underestimated Devil's Lake, I had already been down there to see those trails.  With Marquette...I got nothing.  Add in the fact that the race starts at 4:30 AM Central Time (5:30 Eastern, and Marquette is in Eastern Time Zone), and the fact that it seems like a real possibility to get lost, and I'm nervous/excited/scared/anxious.  

But life is busy enough to keep me off those worries until race day.  I'll focus on this week's goals, and then get through next week, and then get ready.

Nutt Hill in the Morning

Annual Beer Mile Trail Run

3 Minute PR...and still only ran it in 11:51

28 July - 2 August
50 miles
5,351 elevation
6:36 fastest mile

Marquette - 12 days
Lapham Peak - 33 days
North Face WI - 40 days
Glacial Trail - 69 days

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