23 September 2015

Lapham Peak 26.2

Oh, oh so close!

Last year, as I struggled through the 4th and final loop (and the 12th loop I've done in the Lapham Peak Marathon overall), I decided that if I could finish in under 3:30...I'd be DONE with this event.  I ended up running a 57 minute final lap and finished in 3:31.

Fast forward a year.  I'm back...now the 3-time defending 'champ' and once again hoping to finish under 3:30.  This time I run too fast on the first loop (49 minutes, WITH a tower climb!), and not pull back quite enough on the second loop (48 minutes).  I manage a solid third loop and set myself up to only need to break 1 HOUR to finish in under 3:30!  One hour!  Piece of cake!

Well...not so much.  This d@mn course continues to vex me.  I ended up finishing in 3:32 after squandering a great chance at a new PR on the course during that final loop.  I just had...NOTHING...left...for the climbs.  I could still run pretty fast on the downhills and flats, and was able to continuously run those sections.  But the uphills just kept coming, and kept getting slower.

Looks like I'll be back next year again.

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nikki said...

you did absolutely phenomenal! the course is hard! it is always hard and i run it weekly! i agree that if you had run laps 1 & 2 more conservatively (by a couple of minutes total overall) you probably could have hit the PR you were seeking. next year!