16 June 2014

26 Days to Devils Lake

Didn't quite get the miles I wanted to this week.  I was one 90 minute run short of exceeding those numbers, and I had the time to get the run in yesterday (Sunday)...but instead, with it being Father's Day and all, I took a nap.  I did put in 12 miles of trails Saturday night after 26 miles of road biking on Saturday morning, so I can rationalize it with that.

Saturday's bike ride was a lot of fun.  I've never ridden that long before and am now looking to maybe go after 40, then 50 miles on the bike.  I've got a funky shoulder, and the sustained biking position probably won't hold up past about 50 miles, I'm guessing.

Fun week with friends.  Solid week of running ahead of me.  Hoping for one solid speed workout again, which will come on Sunday when I run a half marathon as part of a relay.  So, before the 22nd, I will hopefully pound my legs with hills and hills and hills, and a long (3 hours, weather permitting) on Thursday.

Devils Lake - 26 days
Marquette - 61 days
Lapham Peak - 82 days
North Face WI - 89 days
Glacial Trail - 118 days

9 June - 15 June
46 miles
3351 elevation
Best Mile: 6:27

Sunset while running the country roads.

Edwin at Road America's June Sprints
Edwin and William doing some off-trail running.

GTR Night Run

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