09 June 2014

33 days to Devils Lake

After yesterday's run, I told Ellie I finally kind of felt...'fast.'  I'm hitting a bit of a groove with training, and this past week was a solid one.  No long runs--only a 13 and a 14 miler--but I managed 51 miles with some speed work and a solid negative split out/back yesterday on the IAT.  I also worked in several solid elevation days.  I was sore this morning when waking up, but by mid-day the legs were feeling ready to run again.

Goals for this week include 55 miles, more elevation gain than this week (according to Garmin, I had 4,016 ft of gain this week), and an improvement on my mile time from this week's speed work (I ran a very, very weak 6:40 mile split during that workout on Monday, which is why I was happy to at least feel mildly 'fast' by the end of the week.

Devils Lake - 33 days
Marquette - 68 days
Lapham Peak - 89 days
North Face WI - 96 days
Glacial Trail - 125 days

2 June - 8 June
51 miles
4,016 elevation
Best Mile: 6:40

Photos from this week--they're a lot more interesting than my running:

Some Landscaping work in our backyard.  I love that yard, almost as much as the e's love it!
Kid Gymnastics
Found this dog on my run on Tuesday.  It was HOT that day, and this ole Yellow Lab was not doing so good.  A quick check of her collar showed she lived about a mile (as the crow flies---not via trails) from where I found her on the IAT.  Luckily she had contact info as well...one call and her very grateful owners were on their way to pick up my new pal "Kara."  Always have ID on your dogs please!  You never really know when they might get out and go trail running!
I gave a Lyme Disease presentation this week.  Several people brought in live specimens for me to look at, as if it was some sort of gun buy-back program!  This little fella met his demise via the flame as soon as I arrived home.

Eddy, rocking the bouncy house slide.


2nd bouncy house of the week for him

Skateboarding sans wheels

My Ladies (E and e)

Photographer Ed catches his father and grandpa chatting

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