24 June 2014

19 days - Devils Lake

Solid week.  Not quite miles I wanted, but car problems and kid problems botched my planned runs a bit.  Those changes of plans also re-inforced the fact to me that, if I want to get the running in, it NEEDS to happen in the morning, before the kids are awake.  If I try to get runs in after they're asleep or during their naps, other stuff tends to derail that idea.  Because I really try to avoid running when they're awake and I could be spending time with them...early mornings it is!

The week ended with a solid 17 mile day.  3 miles of warm-up running.  1 mile of cool down.  13.1 miles of racing, with what I think is a Half Marathon PR of 1:27.  Felt really easy the whole run, keeping the pace around 6:45-6:52 (6:52 is the magical Sub-3 Marathon pace).  Final 4 miles, I picked it up, and ran my fastest splits of the day, running 6:36, 6:33, 6:30, 6:21.

This week and early next week I have plans for bigger mileage.  I'm taking the kids (no mom--just me--scary!) to a friend's lake cottage on the 2nd of July for a couple days, so there will be no running while down there.  So, before that, I'm going to crank some miles.  I started today at lunch with a 6 mile run, all at Sub-3 pace.  Perhaps there's a flat/fast marathon to be put on my schedule this year yet?

Devils Lake - 19 days
Marquette - 54 days
Lapham Peak - 75 days
North Face WI - 82 days
Glacial Trail - 111 days

16 June - 22 June
40 miles
1457 elevation
Best Mile: 6:21

Team "Giebler Murphy"

NASCAR Hauler Parade!  

I should be smiling...



Matt said...

OUCH is right! Oh man that guy needs to put some band-aids on!

nikki said...

you need to stop it right now with the devil's lake and all the other count downs! I'M NOT READY! sheesh... i've been trying to plan out a strategy for the staircase and how to not be stuck behind a bunch of single-file snails. i've hiked in devil's lake and run it once but i'm terrified to race it. terrified i tell you and now with your count downs i'm getting more scared! ;)

nwgdc said...

Haha to both of you!

Matt - I think we should start making 'fake' tshirts with red dots on the nipples. Runners will buy ANYTHING.

Smirk - I've decided the 'countdown' theme will be present all year long. I have high hopes for the runs on my schedule, and the countdown title seems to keep me mentally dialed in, in some weird personal responsibility way. What race are you doing at Devils Lake? Also...I don't think we go down the stairs at Devils. Do we?

nikki said...

i'm running the DWD 1/2 marathon. i have no idea the course cuz i'm lazy and haven't looked at it. i just assumed that we run around the lake and there are stairs on the one side so i guessed we went on those and i thought i read someone's race report somewhere that said something about having to be slow and single file on the stairs... i could be totally wrong there. ;)

nwgdc said...

I guess we'll find out on race day! I will give you a 2 hour headstart when I start the 50k, and I'll try to catch you on the final descent. I think all the events finish along the same part of the course.