02 July 2014

10 Days to Devils

Taper time.

Last week I managed 51 miles, and then I followed that effort up with 8, 12, and 9 miles this week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  It was a final hard push for Devils Lake and I'm happy with where I am...although my butt was dragging big time at work today.  But, that was the idea of these last 10 days, because for the next three days I'll be at a lake cottage with a friend.  No wives, just the kids and the dads, a pontoon boat, a ski boat, and some adult beverages (once the kids are asleep).

I'll then hopefully get in a good 4 days next week from Sunday to Wednesday, then rest up a bunch and see what the legs have in them on Saturday.  I'm very excited.  I feel strong and feel like I want to run a solid 50k after the debacle that was my 2014 Ice Age 50k.

I've started to play around with Strava, too.  It's nice to be able to track "segments."  I always kept manual track of certain segments to compare times, and now Strava does it for free.  I've always just used Garmin Connect, but Strava sure seems to be easier to use.  Fun stuff.  I look forward to entering more segments and "routes" and comparing throughout the summer.

Devils Lake - 10 days
Marquette - 45 days
Lapham Peak - 66 days
North Face WI - 73 days
Glacial Trail - 102 days

23 June - 2 July 
71 miles
4430 elevation
6:12 Fastest Mile

Just a wonderful picture.

Fawn!  We've had a doe and fawn in our yard daily for about a week.  Amazing stuff.  I wish I could run like that!

Sunrise in the Kettle Moraine

The Hot Dog won, but he's a heel striker, so there's that.

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nikki said...

i'm starting to feel a little nervous about DWD... not gonna lie. i'm not sure why. maybe because i've never run a trail race longer than a 5K before. road racing is totally different and i'm not sure i'm ready for a 1/2 marathon trail... i guess we'll see. fingers crossed!