10 December 2013

2014...Revising the Schedule, Already?!

Only today did I update the right column with a new 2014 Schedule (John Dick, Ice Age, Maritime, Marquette,  Lapham Peak, North Face, Glacial).  Now, I'm probably changing it up.

Apparently this year there will be a Kettle 50k. It really intrigues me for two reasons...

1)  It's a point-to-point run, from Scuppernong to Nordic.
2)  It's on June 7th, and starts at 3 PM!  That makes it really interesting!

So...perhaps Maritime gets bumped.  I really only want to run a very flat road marathon in hopes of getting a PR.  And that fire doesn't burn as bright as it used to.  Perhaps 2014 is a good year to go after a bunch of trail races.

In addition to Kettle 50k, I also am intrigued by Dances with Dirt in July.  So...perhaps my new lineup is

John Dick
Ice Age
Dances with Dirt
North Face

Glacial, being the 50 miler of the bunch.

We shall see!

1 comment:

ajtus said...

Don't forget NK50k!