26 December 2013

2014 Schedule, version 3.0

I'm not running much (or at all), so I might as well post (again) about some runs I HOPE to do next year.

Kettle 50k is out.  I'm really disappointed to not run it. The 3 pm start is really cool, and it's point to point.  I LOVE those races more than any design.  My second favorite being a loop, and 3rd, out-and-back.

Alas, my Goddaughter is having her graduation party that day.  I can still very vividly remember holding her when she was less than 12 hours old on December 10th, 1995--my freshman year in high school.  She was the first baby to ever sleep on my chest that first Christmas, 1995, and my brother-in-law (her father) told me to "Cherish the moment. It may never happen again."

It didn't...until I had my own kids.

So, I'm not missing her party.  She's an amazing kid and future Northwestern Wildcat, and I can't be more proud to be her Godfather and Uncle.  So, Kettle is out.

In my last post it was pointed out that I left the NK 50k off the list.  I did this because I don't plan on running the "official" NK 50k on March 29th, but I hope to run it the Thursday before and set a solid time standard on the course.  By 'solid', I mean 4:30ish.  I honestly think that's pretty darn solid for that course.

All are welcome for the NK 50k (and shorter distances!) -- Click Here for more information.

As I mentioned, I haven't run much.  BUT, I've been putting in some solid snow fort building and hole digging and driveway clearing with my kiddos...so look out, competition in whatever events I actually run in 2014!

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