18 March 2013

Dropping Down to the Kiddie Race

That's how this guy put it when he found out I dropped from the Ice Age 50 miler and in to the 50k.

I just haven't been able (or driven) to follow a decent base phase of running for the 50 miler.  Whether or not it's true, I simply feel like I can still 'manage' a 50k, but I've come to the point that I don't want to damage myself by death marching through a 50 miler when I know I'm underprepared.  I was really looking forward to getting one of those belt buckles...maybe next year.

As for this week's training, it's been interesting.  Edwin was fighting a double ear infection and was very, very clingy to his Dad.  We also purchased a used elliptical, so I actually used that a couple times this week as well.

Monday -- 45 minutes on the elliptical, while watching "Unbreakable."  Good jump start to training, and it'll be interesting to see my HR reading from tonight vs future workouts.

Tuesday -- 1 hour of basketball.  Played absolutely terrible, but got a decent workout in.

Wednesday --  1 hour of basketball.  We are now in the championship game of the B league.  Doesn't get any bigger than next Wednesday!

Thursday -- 2 hours of "Glen Hill" repeats.  The snow made for terrible footing.  Managed about 10 miles.

Friday -- Nada.

Saturday -- 18.5 road miles.  I put a good hurting on my quads but had a good run and didn't really bonk.

Sunday -- I woke up with very sore quads but still got out for 8 miles.  I targeted the hills again, and managed to run almost the same amount of verticle as Saturday in 10 less miles. 

Total of 36 miles, 45 mins of elliptical, and 2 hours of hoops.

Good start.  On to next week, where I hope to hit a 20 miler and a 10 miler.  Basketball will wrap up too and open up a bit more of my focus on running.

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