07 March 2011

9 Wks 2 IAT50k

(I'm getting very cryptic in my blog posts.)

Monday - Easy hour at Parsenn pace...which means we stopped to pee and smell stuff a lot. 7.29 miles, 144 AvgHR.

Tuesday - 1 hour of morning basketball. I've decided to add this back in to my weekly routine as a form of cross training. I'd guess the running equivalent would be 7 miles. Maybe 7.3.
I couldn't make a layup to save my life but actually hit several jump shots. An hour after getting done, I was already getting sore.

Wednesday - Very sore in my hip flexors and peroneal muscles from basketball. Combine that with a full day at work, and it's a rest day all the way.

Thursday - I had hoped for 20 miles in the morning, only to have pretty much everything go wrong in the morning. Knowing I had to be home by 8:30 AM, by the time I could have left, I didn't have enough time to get 20 miles in. Instead of getting ANY miles in...I took another rest day. Ugh.

Friday AM - I went to play basketball, and half the town showed up. Maybe 3 miles of running.

Friday PM - 1 hour, 8.32 miles. I'm not sure what I set out to accomplish on this run. It varied from a limbo run (each mile faster than the previous) to a hard fartlek, to a get-in-the-miles run. In the end, I had a decent AvgHR, and I did slowly bring down the miles. Add in the 3-ish miles from this morning, and I'm over 11 for the day.

Saturday - 10 miles, easy. Very windy, and my legs were heavy.

Sunday - 14 miles. I wanted 20, but was feeling some aches in my left foot, so I cut the run a bit short.

So, for the week I had an about 50. This week I need to get in a 20 miler, and I'd like to build the mileage a little more as well.


danny said...

They say a soccer midfielder runs about 6 miles during a soccer game. Just saying...Though for basketball or soccer you're probably at a higher intensity.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

We had a really nice day on Saturday so Ian and I went to the baseball diamond to get in some spring training. Man! Playing an actual sport makes you sore in muscles you didn't even know you had! (In this case, every muscle is a fackwad muscle. Or F*ckwadis Majoris. Unless you were just making that up.)

Matthew Patten said...

No problem considering you are doing the kiddie race

Anonymous said...

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