13 March 2011

8 Wks 2 IAT50k

Monday - I didn't know what to accomplish with this run. I was surprised I even felt like running after the relatively big weekend, but got out there, ran a couple 'pick-up' miles, and finished with 8.18 miles in 1:04.

Tuesday - 1:15 of Basketball. Felt much better this week than last week. Good sprints, good soreness in the legs and core.

Wednesday - Rest. I considered a late night run with Parsenn, but time with my wife on Wednesdays is more appreciated (by both of us). Wednesdays are always grinds at the office.

Thursday - 8 miles in 55. I ran a one mile warmup, then ran 7 at 'tempo' effort, trying to keep my HR between 155 and 165, hoping to find a pace around 6:50. Miles were between 6:52 and 6:40, with one uphil, into-the-wind mile of 7:10 and the same road, going the other way giving a mile of 6:32. This run felt good--not great--and I'm hoping to have that same pace, but 5-10 heart beats slower next time.

Friday - Easy DogJog 4.5 miles.

Saturday - 21 miles, 7:30 pace. My last two miles were my fastest miles, 6:52 and 7:00. Stil, I feel like I may have pushed too hard on this run. The AvgHR was 151, and that's probably too high for a long distance training run. This is probably why I should have a coach.

Sunday - 9.5 miles, 7:22 pace, 141 heart rate. I was surprised to see my AvgHR that low. My legs felt heavy but I still managed a decent pace and am happy with getting the mileage in.

Overall, 51 miles of running and 75 minutes of basketball. I'm still not sure how to quantify the basketball. Last week I said I thought it was about 7 miles. I'm wasn't necessarily thinking I RAN 7 miles that morning, and after Danny pointed out in the comments that it's estimated a soccer midfielder only covers 6 miles in a game, there's no way I ran 7 miles. Still, when I consider percieved exertion and overall effort, I'd liken last week's basketball scrimmage to a fartlek 7 miler. This week's hoops outing was a bit easier on the effort front, but lasted 15 minutes longer, so I'd consider it 8 miles, in my own weird way. So, either 51 miles on the week or 59, you pick.

I can already hear Pat Matten saying, "Nic, today I walked up 3 flights of stairs and jumped over a puddle. Can I call that .75 miles?"

Next week I'd like to hit 60 miles of RUNNING, and still get an hour of basketball in as well. That will be a definite career high in weekly mileage (60) and will be followed up by the decision of whether to try to hit 3 hours in St. Louis or whether to keep working without much of a taper towards Ice Age.