21 March 2011

7 wks 2 IAT50k

Monday - 8.2 miles. My Garmin died halfway through the run. I'm just proud of myself for getting out and running after realizing my watch hadn't been charging and that I would only have 1% of my battery available. I'm embarrassed to admit that I was considering not running at all simply because my watch wasn't charged. Yikes!

Tuesday - 45 minutes basketball. There were enough guys there this morning to divide the gym in to an 'old guys' court and a 'young guys' court. I was a young guy. I definitely worked more this morning than in the previous two weeks, but my morning ended early after a knee-to-knee hit.

Wednesday - Rest.

Thursday - 16 miles, 1:50. I ran a 4 mile warmup, then ran a tough 12 mile loop at tempo pace. Only one mile slipped over 7 minute pace, and it was a tough mile that included wind, rain, and a decent sized hill in my face. My legs felt really heavy, and my gut wasn't feeling all that great either. Despite that, my heart rate was a decent 156. To be able to run 12 miles at sub 3 hour pace despite such heavy legs was promising!

Friday - Ellie's birthday. Rest.

Saturday - 10.76 miles, easy. I was up early to get in this 10 miler, and my stomach protested the majority of the run, but I was happy with a decent pace (7:30's) at a low HR (140's).

Sunday - 17 miles, easy. Rainy/slushy weather forced me to start this run on the Treadmill. I was going to simply put in 2 hours on the treadmill watching basketball. That idea lasted all of 30 minutes. I simply can't run on treadmills. So, I got outside, wandered around town at a very leisure pace and put some miles under my legs. Again, my legs felt good during this run, and I feel like I'm bouncing back and recovering faster and faster.

So, overall, a good week. I'm really happy with Thursday's run, not only because of the pace, but because I battled some rain, some wind, and some voices in my head telling me to cut the run short. I even ran PAST my car and put in an extra two miles when 95% of me wanted to just stop at the car.

This week I am travelling to Chicago for a seminar Thursday thru Saturday. I still want to get in 60 miles, so it's going to take some work to pull it off. This week will really show me where I am in preparation for St. Louis (can I break 3 hours?) and will likely determine how I set up the next couple weeks of training. Bring it on!


SteveQ said...

The pace of your runs has been impressive. The Saturday and Sunday runs show that Thursday's wasn't too hard and not a fluke. Breaking 3's in the cards, if you hold up the next 7 weeks.

(and Happy B'day to Ellie!)

Grellan said...

Very solid week Nic. Thursday's run was epic (6:53 pace including the 4 mile warmup!!!). Your form is back.

I feel naked without my Garmin too.