28 March 2011

6 weeks...

Monday - Despite the mileage over the weekend, I was ready once again to 'push it' so I planned a 10 miler with the middle 6 at tempo effort. I ended up running the last 8 miles at tempo effort over some hills, and had splits of 6:37, :59, :29, :48, :41, :49. Then I ran the final two on flat ground and brought my heart rate back in to the 150's and had splits of 6:54, 6:56. Felt good and recovered well.

Tuesday and Wednesday - I didn't get up to get my run in on Tuesday morning before work, and paid for it. It started raining/sleeting/snowing/freezing and continued to do so until Wednesday. So, I guess I'll consider the shoveling cross training. Zero miles both days or running.

Thursday - I was in suburban Chicago for a seminar for the next three days. There would be some free time available, so I still had hopes of catching up on my mileage and getting to 60 for the week. After the work was finished, I found a local bike path (7.7 mile loop) and got to work. I felt great and managed 11 miles with a 6:36 average. I was pushing it at times and had a high HR, but it felt great to run fast! The only downside of the run was a very tender pressure point on the top of my right foot and some aching and stiffness in my right outer knee, between the back part of the IT band and the hamstring (biceps femoris). I blamed the shoes for it at the time...

Friday - I ran 7.7 miles over lunch and felt terrible. My foot was throbbing, my knee was really sore, and my stomach felt like it was full of concrete.
After the work session in the afternoon, I stopped at a New Balance store and picked up some Road Minimus shoes. Then I went out and ran 7.5 miles and felt great! My foot and knee were still bothersome, but I noticed a definite change in my cadence and stride in the new shoes. I ran 6:51 pace for 7.5 miles.

Saturday - simply having shoes on this morning was tender to my foot. My knee seemed to have a bit of swelling to it as well. I rested and hoped for better body parts on Sunday.

Sunday - I ran about 3 miles before the foot was throbbing and the knee was tight. I could have continued on, but instead pulled the plug on the run. I was supposed to run my last 20 miler before tapering down for St. Louis, but instead it was a measely 3 miler. Not good.

So, I guess my decision has been made for me. I was pondering whether to taper down for St. Louis for a full 2 weeks or to continue to train towards Ice Age. I'll be tapering this week for sure to make sure that knee and foot heal up. Is 3 hours a possibility? Not sure. I think my speed work indicates I can do it, but I'd much rather have a solid 20 miler under my belt. My previous sub-3 efforts (3:02, 3:21, 3:00, 3:03) have all involved stomach issues and bonks in the last 3-5 miles.

I'm frustrated quite a bit with this little issue, but I guess by dealing with it properly, it won't become a BIG issue, so I'll get it taken care of and be fully rested and ready to rock at St. Louis.

Or I'll struggle in St. Louis, and come back stronger at Ice Age.

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Anonymous said...

I did a 6mi tempo in between a total of 13 miles at a 6:50 pace and there is no way I am going near three hours this spring. But it did give me confidence that the fall could be interesting. My goal is to do a 16 mile simulator run at the end of a hard week at a 6:50 pace or better. I got a ways to go :)