27 February 2011

10 Weeks to IAT50k

Monday - 4 mile, easy DogJog around the 'hood.

Tuesday AM - 1 hour of shoveling. I was going to play basketball for an hour at the high school...and then I realized we had another 3-5 inches on the ground.

Tuesday PM - I had planned on an hour of running, but a later end of the work day got me home behind schedule. Ellie taught yoga tonight, which meant Edwin was taken along with me to a meeting, which meant we both were arriving home together to quickly get him ready for bed. By this point, I could have snuck out with the dog for an hour. Instead, I read the paper (there's a lot going on in Wisco right now, if you hadn't heard) and had a beer and spent some time with Ellie.

Wednesday - 5 miles, easy. Upset stomach and lazy feeling all over. I think that's interesting, considering I'm making an effort to pull back a bit on mileage and hours for the week, and I'm feeling much like I do during a taper.

Thursday - Weekly Long Run, 13.33 miles, easy effort until the last 4 miles. To close the run, I had a 6:53 and 6:33 split, which felt good. Heart rate stayed in check, and no stomach issues. I was home and cooking breakfast for the family by 8 AM too! Not a bad way to start the day.

Friday - Rest.

Saturday - 11 miles, 2 mile warmup, then 1 mile on, 1 mile off, then 2 mile cooldown. Fast miles were 6:37, 6:26, 6:24, 6:11. 6:43 final mile cooldown. Still cold, but it felt good to get some leg turnover! My Avg HR was 160 for the run. I'd like to have the same pace, but a HR in the low 150's by April.

Sunday - Rest. I planned on getting out for some easy miles, but yesterday's run left me gassed. I skipped an afternoon run in favor of a nap, and an evening run in favor of a beer. This was a recovery week, so I'm not letting it bother me too much (and the beer helps with that) and am looking forward to next week. Saturday's run left me looking forward to more tougher efforts as I build towards the StL Marathon and Ice Age.

Ice Age already reached its capacity, too. I'm looking forward to it, and hoping the Brewmaster (www.blogoftraining.blogspot.com -- I can't get the link to work and I blame blogger for it) will share some homebrew with me, despite the fact I'm only running the Junior Varsity event.


Matthew Patten said...

Homebrew is for the big boys only.

You may drink lemonade.

I might try to swing a mini coffee sponsorship too.

10 weeks..... means 6 weeks to Zumbro. That is a real bad idea

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

You might want to think about fixing the Brewmaster's link.


doesn't work ...

but http://blogoftraining.blogspot.com


Clicking on one of your links is always an adventure, Nic.

nwgdc said...

haha, SO TRUE, G! Thanks for the tip.
Don't even TRY clicking on any of my race reports over on the right side, too :)