21 February 2011

11 Weeks to IAT50k

This previous week, the 6th week of base-building for me, has looked as follows:
Monday - Rest.
Tuesday - 6 miles, roads in town, easy pace.
Wednesday AM - 6.13 miles, flat roads in town, easy pace.
Wednesday PM - 3.8 miles, very easy running with Parsenn (dog).
Thursday - 18.81 miles, easy pace, fastest 4 mile splits were the last 4 miles.
Friday - Rest.
Saturday - 10 miles, easy effort until the last mile, where I picked it up a bit, but didn't let my HR exceed 160. Last mile was 6:33. Slowest miles were miles 1 and 2 (7:44, 7:27), and all other miles were between 7:12 and 6:33.
Sunday - 45 minutes, treadmill, 7% grade. We are experiencing another storm of 12 inches of snow at the moment.
Totals: 48 miles, about 7 hours. I really had a good run on Saturday, and felt GREAT to have some turnover in the legs during the last couple miles. I surprised myself with the 6:33 at the end. I'm really glad I got that Saturday run in, too, considering we're buried under 10 inches of snow once more.
This upcoming week should be a step-back week. I guess that's a good thing considering the weather. After 6 weeks of easy running and base building, I'd like to start with some tempo runs and more more speed work.

I also checked my Garmin Connect data, and I was running on the trails for the first time on March 14...it can't come soon enough!


Matthew Patten said...

You should be doing the 50M.

Aside from "Getting Chicked Ale", Confusion Corner Coffee Stout", I am trying to do "Mallach's Malt Liquor".

Not sure if I could pull off the true essence of a malt liquor, though.

nwgdc said...

If anyone could, it's you.

YOU should be doing the 50M.

Or the 50k...anything! Get running!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Nice job getting in all those miles.