06 April 2010

Chippewa's Out. Probably.

I went for a walk with Ellie and Parsenn last night, and was limping roughly three driveways from our house. I'm getting it worked on today and Thursday, but Ellie made a pretty good point, when she asked how I was going to run 31 miles, no matter how well it heals, only a couple days after not making it 31 feet.

Uggh! Frustrated!

It doesn't hurt at all, or not much at all, during the day. Xrays are fine. Ultrasound feels good. Standing's fine. It just hurts if I walk more than 50 feet continuously.

Here's a good article on what exactly the problem is. I'll have it worked on the rest of the week daily and hope that I can run the marathon scheduled for April 17.


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Sorry to hear that, brother. Hope it heals quickly.

SteveQ said...

That link was the longest explanation of "dang, my foot hurts" I've ever seen. You could still go to Chippewa to harass Helen!

Danielle said...

It's like the endorphins make us insane... Listen to your wife :-)

Helen said...

So, you're a ballet dancer on the side?

That sure explains a lot...


Hope you heal soon. Sorry to miss you at Chippewa. I will still try to beat your (and therefore my) time from last year :)

Mike said...

See it wasn't our year for Chippewa, heal up and then you have the rest of the year ahead of you.