02 April 2010

Uh Oh.

I wish this was April Fools.

This week has been a great week of running. The day after Trailbreaker I ran trails for an hour and a half. Monday was 7 miles, with some speed work (including my first sub-6 minute mile in a workout of the year!). Tuesday was a decent hill repeat workout.

Then Wednesday, after getting done with work, Ellie and I took Parsenn for a walk. While I was on my feet all day and pain free, that walk flared something up, and the outside edge of my left foot was really, really sore--like there was a stone in my shoe.

Yesterday I felt fine again all day. I spent 4 hours in the morning clearing a fence line with my brother-in-law, then volunteered at the local elementary school, and then took off for the trails to do a "time trial" workout--about 2 hours of running at threshold level.

It started off great, as I finished the first 33 minutes at sub-8 pace (a good effort for me on the Ice Age Trail). Then my left foot started aching. Bad.

I ended up hiking back to the car after about 55 minutes of running and cutting my 2 hour run short, at just 71 minutes.

The foot continued to stiffen up on the ride home, and after some light therapy treatment at work, it was really sore. Today I'll run ultrasound over it and see how that goes. I'm still not sure what's going on, but I had big hopes for this weekend! I guess it's time to get the tires inflated on the road bike!

I'm not signed up for Chippewa yet, and that will officially be a decision made on Friday.

I'm thinking it's my cuboid subluxated inferiorly. Now, if I was Steve, I'd just find a stick and stomp my foot on it to fix it. If I was Helen, I'd be flexible enough from yoga to adjust it myself.

If I was Glaven, I'd start picking out a biking route (to use on my bike named after some dumb singer) on MapMyEFFINGRun.com.

Have a great Easter, everyone!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...
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SteveQ said...

"cuboid subluxated inferiorly?" That has to be chiropractor-speak!

I've had pain about the cuboid many times which seems briefly incapacitating, but comes and goes spontaneously. Here's hoping it goes spontaneously!

Anonymous said...

so nice, I said it twice.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Thanks for the gentle suggestion.

I'd like to remind you in the most civil fashion imaginable that April will not last forever. And I'll still be blogging and commenting when May rolls around.

I am not implying anything untoward. I am far too polite.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Good Sir Dr. Nicolae,

Hale and Good Cheer, Noble Sir! Nay, verily, 'tis I, indeed, who must needs proffer sincerest and most abject apologies to thee! Marry, this issue doth weigh heavily on my heart; for I have perforce become cognizant of the fact that I have unintentionally and unwittingly caused thy most goodly self to feel (wrongly!) in some wise cause efficient ... cause material ... cause proximate ... cause final of some small misfortunes that I myself may have suffered. Misfortune I have, indeed, known; but not a jot of blame for it can be laid at your peerless feet! The very idea that you should think so hath caused my bodily humours to fall out of balance; I am in an excess of black bile that causeth me to be sore despondent.

And all for the wrong I have inflicted upon they blameless self.

Nay, apologize no more! Ill have none of it! None, do you hear?

Thou art blameless as a babe!

Thy unworthy servant,


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Uh, also, Hail and good cheer ...


Helen said...

Hope the foot is feeling better! I tweaked my left inner hamstring in yoga yesterday - so even that has it's downsides!!! But only sore when stretching laterally and I am hoping I won't be doing much of that on Saturday... be great to see you there but you know yourself to make a smart decision closer to the day.