12 April 2010

Stray Bullets

  • I'm signed up for the Navarino Marathon this weekend. I won't be there.
  • I tried running on my left foot this weekend and made it about 1.5 miles before a strong tearing-like sensation began in my outer left foot. It progressively worsened, and after covering less than 3 miles in 34 minutes, I was done. I then limped (badly) around the house for the remainder of the DAY. Not good.
  • I may have a stress reaction or stress fracture in my foot.
  • I blame the pavement at Trailbreaker for it...and the fact my mileage in the weeks before Trailbreaker simply wasn't where it needed to be. But still, it's the pavement.
  • I'm going to be biking like a mad man for a couple weeks, and working in some 'crossfit' stuff.
  • It's very doubtful, but I'd love to be at the Ice Age 50K
  • I am going to train and run like a man possessed for the Glacial Trail 50k in October...pending spousal and baby approval.
  • This may be the last update here for a while--but for those keeping score, the baby is 6 weeks (ish) away!!!
  • I love bullet points, almost as much as I hate MapMyRun
  • Big congrats to Helen on Chippewa (but I still have not seen a single photograph of her drinking anything but some protein recovery crap)
  • Big congrats to Matt P on a great run at Zumbro, and an even better write up
  • I'd link to these things but am too lazy...hence the bullet points also
  • I really hope SteveQ (a) doesn't retire from racing and (b) accepts me as a coaching client for the fall
  • I'm tired of Glaven being nice.
  • That is all, see y'all in a couple weeks, once the biking miles are in and I'm running again!
  • TONIGHT ON MTV IS A "TRUE LIFE" EPISODE ABOUT NF. I run for the NF Endurance Team...so check it out if you get a chance. It'll be eye-opening, I assure you!


Danielle said...

Good luck with the biking! Although we all know it's just not the same. Even for GQH and Morrisey. One of them is faking it.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Dammit, Nic! Why did you have to open the door to this blog? It was so nice, dark and moist in here, what with its having been abandoned and fallen into disuse, that I had been using it to grow mushrooms. Now you've killed them with the light! How's it feel to be guilty of portobellocide?


Six weeks till baby? May is TEH AWESOMEST month to be born in! Maybe she'll be early and even be a Taurus, Teh AWESOMEST sign.

Take care of the foot, BUTTHEAD. (I don't really mean the butthead part, but since you're tired of my being nice, the best way to be nice to you is by not being nice. So I'm STILL being nice! This is what I call "SteveQ rationalizing.")

@Danielle: Joke's on you. We're both faking it.

Matthew Patten said...

Sorry you are injured. Maybe you should go see a chiropractor.

You have just under 4 weeks for Ice Age. Although, you should be running the 50M. I am guessing you are terrified of being beat by me.

If you are sidelined for a few months, you could always crew.... Kettle.....

SteveQ said...

Dark, moist and full of fungi; I really need to start dating, cuz that sounds okay to me.

Yeah, I'm done with racing, but I've said that before.

6 weeks until baby Georgia and placenta Glaven arrive! Woo-hoo! Then sleep deprivation training begins!

carpeviam said...

Glaven being nice: feels like the Twilight Zone.

Helen said...

Next year I am making the beer-drinking picture my first priorty! I had TWO this year!! And another one with the ice bath later...!