08 February 2010

Underprepared, Undertrained, ...undermotivated?

Going into my first event this year, the Psycho Wyco 50k, I've got some issues going on. My last 3 weeks have all contained 45-50 miles of running, and I've managed a 3 hour run and two 2 hour runs. I've done a bit of speed work, too. However, I really am feeling some lack of motivation running-wise. And I have a feeling (with the forecast calling for mid- to high-30's on Saturday) that I'm going to get beat up pretty good on that relentless 10 mile loop course.
I originally was aiming for a 5 hour finish but am starting to wonder about that goal. I'll probably still go out too fast, though, in hopes of banking some time before the trail turns to mud. Good strategy, eh!?
Work has been up into the 60 hour weeks recently, and more and more planning is underway for the arrival of Lil Baby G--3 months!
More than anything the baby preparations are tiring. Ellie and I are choosing an all-natural approach to the process and the constant questions from family and friends about that are starting to wear on both of us, but we'll manage. Well meaning, but Poorly informed best describes the approach most parents take to the childbirth process. But that's a subject for another post :)

It's gonna be fun this weekend (I keep telling myself that) and I'm looking forward to seeing some old and new friends along the way! By the way, Helen, I think I need a ride from the airport. I'll call you.

Okay, enough of my Monday BLAHS. Back to work.


Matthew Patten said...

Welcome to the real world Nic.

Excuses, excuses, excuses. At least if you have a bad race you can blame it on George Bush. Seems to work for everything else.

I know the feelings of being questioned about the natural birth process.

While we were conventional with birth, we have home schooled our kids off and on for 8 years. That usually gets a lot of people upset. (especially when they see how dumb I am.... and my pour gramer skilz)

Funny..... I get stereotyped most by the "tolerance preachers". One lady said I was using my kids as slaves. Seriously. ????

All kidding aside, I hope you have a great race.

Helen said...

slaves? rubbish - you haven't even dragged your kids out to crew for you :)

Nic - I totally agree with your strategy - hammer those first 2 loops...

looks like KC is THE place to be this weekend - sunshine and 30 deg weather - can't wait to run in shorts!!!

Carolina John said...

hey at least you're getting some long runs in. for your first race of the year 5 hours doesn't have to be absolute. i went out too fast last weekend when I had a time goal too. it happens. come on baby G!

Mike W. said...

Nic it's hell getting old and having to juggle all of those life events along with the weather. Don't sweat it you will still hammer this one out. The course will pull you along and so will the Trail Nerds.

If it's like it was last year you may want some screws in your shoes for the first couple of loops. It was a bit slippery and there were a couple of downhills that grabbing trees was the way to make the turns. I do hope you get to experience their mud as it did live up to it's reputation.

Enjoy yourself.

Ax said...

I'm curious about your "all-natural" approach. What do you mean by that? We had our little guy at home, and had to deal with all sorts of questions and criticism. The whole birth, though, was an incredible experience. And all-natural is so much better for baby and mom. Good luck with everything, Nic!

Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

So who are our 6 degrees?!