11 February 2010

Pity Party Over

Yes, things are getting busier. Yes, they're not going to get any less busy at any point before I semi-retire at 55 (joke). So, until then, when I can focus on trying to clean up the 55 and over age group (even bigger joke), I will continue to enjoy running and training and avoid making it seem like a task. I think that's (the task part) what happened over the last couple weeks. I was running just to get miles in--not necessarily a bad thing, but not a good thing for me individually on a regular basis.

This week I took off extra rest days and only did a hill workout on Tuesday and some Mile repeats today. And instead of killing myself on the mile repeats, I focused on maintaining a decent breathing rhythm. They were the 3 of the 4 fastest miles I've run all year. I'm going to get a couple hours of yoga in this afternoon and then get packing for the 'vacation' this weekend.

A result of the busier schedule at work was a change in my flight plans. I was originally flying out of Milwaukee at 1:50 pm, but a very busy afternoon at work tomorrow forced my wife (office manager with her fingers tightly wrapped around the office schedule and bottom line :) to change my flight to later tomorrow night. This was an expensive change in plans but will probably end up being a net win for me, so I'll take it.

In other news...I can't help but bring this up. How do those people continuing to intellectually carry water for this guy explain this? Less than a year ago he was railing against Wall Street bonuses. W. T. H. is going on? Perhaps here's the best explanation I've found:

It's time for the verdict. Obama ran a great campaign, but he is no leader, and he's an abominable politician. During the primary, he was fortunate in Hillary Clinton's bloated walrus of campaign and in the general election, fortunate in the fact that John McCain is, well, insane. But Obama made good moves throughout. Now that he's in charge, he's proving himself incapable of the political equivalent of simultaneous walking and spitting. You have to wonder who was responsible for his nimble campaign moves.

I have this strange feeling I'm in a huge minority when it comes to runners and political views...but that felt good :)


B. Kramer said...

I think a lot of us are having our pity me moments. Your point about running for enjoyment rather than as a task is well-made.

Enjoy the political flame war you invited. Ha! I'm just happy the Senate is more in balance. Republican or Democrat, the system of checks and balances is an important part of our government.

Anonymous said...

Good luck this weekend! I'm in the even smaller minority that doesn't give a shit about politics.

No Grandma's this year? What, no interest in another 15 mile death march? Wonder how long people will continue to tag Grandma's as a great cool weather marathon? I'll be doing the half this year...or spectating and drinking bloody marys if I don't get into the half.


GZ said...

Well ... if the gods wanted us to vote, they would have given us candidates. Seriously - there was only one candidate. Yeah, I know there was more than one name ... but it was essentially all the same.

SteveQ said...

Republican Party, Pity Party: six of one, half-dozen of the other.

Break a leg this weekend (Helen's)!

nwgdc said...

AH- No Grandma's this year. Not long ago Westy hammered the final nail into the Grandma's coffin for me when he discussed the expenses of Grandma's. I'll stick to the low key events...but I may get back up there to share a Bloody Mary or Ten with you!

Steve- No arguments here...just don't confuse Republican with Conservative.

Unknown said...

Let me guess - you favor your right leg over your left? :-)

Ace said...

Preach on, brother...

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

TRS said...

Seriously. Obama was/is a puppet for the Democratic party. Politics sponsored by Oprah.

That's how he got elected.
Funny so many of us saw that about him but nobody wanted to believe us. Rather, they all just wanted to call us racist because they thought the only reason we wouldn't vote for him was because he black - when in reality - we saw through the smoke and mirrors.

The whole thing is pathetic.