30 November 2009

Now What?

The Chippewa 50K has been cancelled, apparently. Last year's event was, by far, my favorite run yet, and my spring had been planned around running it again. Not any more.
I'm unable to find another trail 50k that I'm interested in. Trail Mix, perhaps, but probably not. Instead, I think it's back to the roads (hopefully for the last time) to try and break 3 hours in the marathon. I'll have to get my trail fix totally taken care of at Psycho Wyco in February. Ellie has informed me that May is OFF LIMITS due to baby preparations (due date May 20, and that due date is inherently +/- 2 weeks), so it's looking like either the Wisconsin Marathon or the Jailbreak Marathon might be in order. I need to check back, though, as whatever event I do must ALSO work with our Bradley Class scheduling. Yikes! The calendar is filling up and Little Baby G (G is for Giebler, not Glaven...WHERE ARE YOU?) isn't any bigger than an orange yet!
Last weekend's 10K was a blast, although I had forgotten how much those shorter races can hurt. This week is the Sleigh Bell Run, of which I'm on the committee. The same local runner (2:2x marathon pr) has won the event 6 straight years, I believe, and he also won the 10K last weekend. My goal for the event? Finish closer to him than last week (He beat me by 6:24 in the 10K).
Local runners, hope to see you there!


Viper said...

Bummer about your race plans. Good luck finding a suitable replacement. Cheers!

SteveQ said...

30:36 is a fine winning time... for a 10K. Do I have to go down (Kiel is down, isn't it?) there and spoil it for Mr. 5-times?

I'll probably substitute the Trail Mix 50K for Chippewa. It's nearby and I, ahem, won it once.

nwgdc said...

He normally runs in the high 25, low 26 range...he won the 10k in 33

Ace said...

I think you gotta take out your frustration on a marathon. 2:59 awaits!!! Bummer though, that chippewa race sounds awesome!

Helen said...

I suppose, on a positive note, it means you won't have to suffer the indignation of me beating you TWICE in the Spring... See ya in Kansas!

Carolina John said...

my babies came 4 weeks and 2 weeks early, both quite healthy. i had a 5 week hiatus planned from any kind of business travel (that was 4 1/2 years ago - before i started running) just in case the baby came early or late. ellie's right to make the baby plans that way. better not plan any races for june either as you won't get much sleep and will have zero time for training then.