25 November 2009

Thankful For...

...the time off from running I've been given, whether or not I wanted it.

I haven't run at all for exactly a week. I honestly am not sure the last time I took a week completely off. It's the result of a combination of crazy scheduling at work, crazy stuff going on with the car, crazy busy stuff at home, and a minor (okay, major) lack of interest in waking up early to run. I've read on several of your sites about your lack of motivation this time of year, and it's hitting me big time. Tomorrow...perhaps...I'll get back after it.

I think I'm going to run a 10k tomorrow. It's a race I finished in 41:27 in 2007. At the time my PR in the marathon was 3:36. I would LOVE...I mean LURRRRVE...WHERE ARE YOU GLAVEN?...I would Lurrve to break 40 minutes in the 10k. I may or may not, but I'm gonna try.

Have a great weekend everyone, and if you want to read about running, go to Steve's blog, as his recent posts have been amazing. I hope to run with him again at Chippewa and hopefully a marathon in the spring!


Updated...Well, I surprised myself and ran 6:13, 6:14 over the final two miles to finish in 39:26. That's two minutes and one second faster than two years ago. Considering my marathon PR two years ago, and extrapolating the data out, in 2011 I'll have a Marathon PR in the 2:23 neighborhood, and I'll run this same Turkey Trot 10K in 37:25. I wonder if the McMillan Calculator would agree :)
Time to eat.
Updated #2...Uh Oh. Official Time, according to the results...40:02.
Time to eat more.
Updated #3...now my official time is 39:30. I'll take it.


Ace said...

Good grief! I think you need to set your goal times like ten seconds under, 2:59:50 marathon, 39:50 10k then when those seconds get "added", they bump you over those silly "thresholds". Nice run!

SteveQ said...

If you're extrapolating out to a 2:23 marathon AND you're hoping to run a marathon with me (and Journeys or Grand Island depend on my being healthy and financially solvent), you're REALLY dreaming.

Congrats on the fast time!

N#ts@ck. Someone's gotta say it.

nwgdc said...

How could MY watch be THAT far off? I'm thinking something went wrong with the timer, and they rounded up when fixing it. I'm still calling 39:26. 1st in my age group!

Kel said...

Sorry to say that Chippewa is no more.

I wish I were kidding.

Helen said...

Nice 10K!! I am running one the day after Christmas - have no idea how it will go but based on your marathon times i'll shoot for sub-41:30... and ignore the 100K 2 weeks prior... Oh and the Christmas Day beverages...