09 December 2009

Santa's List

What am I missing?

Ellie has given me the task of coming up with some stuff that I'd like to get for Christmas, and I'm really struggling with it. I've gotten to the point of eliminating the "not-fun-but-needed" items, having recently purchased a new (to me) car, and today getting chains for the snow blower and heavy duty shovels (I got OWNED today by the Blizzard that came through--thank God for helpful neighbors or I wouldn't have gotten out of the driveway).

So now I'm thinking of "fun" stuff to get, and I need help. Considering I'm pretty much a fanatic when it comes to running (I've run a total of 9 miles our in the elements since the Winter Weather/Blizzard Advisories began last night), I'm asking for help! It seems to me I'm pretty set when it comes to gear.

What's essential to your run? Better yet, what's something you use when running occasionally--not always--and LOVE because it's available for those certain runs when you need it?

...In other news, I'm messing around with the look of the page...I feel like a change. As for running, it's been pretty steady:
  • Monday/Wednesday: easy 3-5 miles, with Parsenn towing me
  • Tuesday: Hills, Hills, Hills. I've been increasing the work. Last week was 16 repeats, 4 miles total
  • Thursday: Long run, last week was 17, this week is 18...weather pending
  • Friday off, then a fast run on Saturday and a longish run Sunday

I'm hoping to run well at Psycho Wyco, and then bust a PR in a marathon in May. I'm not sure which Marathon yet, but I find myself leaning towards the Wisconsin Marathon.


B. Kramer said...

According to everyone else, you need $30 socks. I don't have any to recommend, but if you're looking for "I don't really need these" items, what better than ridiculously expensive socks? Cheers!

Jess said...

Sunglasses. For me, I don't usually run during daylight hours, but I always race during them, so having a good pair of sunglasses is essential, but not always necessary.

Carolina John said...

i posted my christmas wish list on monday. feel free to steal items from there, then send them to me when ellie gives them to you.

just don't steal my bike.

SteveQ said...

I think you need a diaper bag, a stroller, and a package of wet wipes for your runs with little Georgia/Juliet/Matthew/Mark (the best sounding names I came up with that go with Giebler). Or evening gloves the color of spittle.

joyRuN said...

I don't see a Snuggie on your list, warlock.

SteveQ said...

If Ellie insists on Georgia because of my backing, remember I also like: Chlorine, Rotunda, Bayonet, Vendetta and Debris.

KimsRunning said...

I want a case of Blueberry/Pomegranate chews. Oh....pure yumminess!!! I can't run without my visor. Mostly because it helps keep my headphones in place. Ha!

For you, with a baby coming...I was thinking jogger stroller. Or you can get the "Spirit Of The Marathon" on DVD. Very inspirational.

SteveQ said...

I'm thinking of doing a year-end post called "2009: The Year of Glaven" Any interest in adding to it?