08 May 2008

Back at it.

First of all, thank you all SO MUCH for your kind words. The running community really can show what they're all about. Case in point:

I contacted the Journeys Marathon this week and explained why we couldn't participate. I was 99% positive that there were no refunds, but I couldn't find their cancellation policy anywhere, so I figured I would just email them and find out. What an absolutely great surprise it was to have them tell me that, while they can't refund our entry fee, they would hold our entry for next year, and we wouldn't be charged if we decided to participate next year. Wow!

Then, at the suggestion of Stat Man, I contacted the Duluth Grandma's Marathon about a late entry, again, not expecting much. They were kind enough to let me in! Double Wow!

I've decided, though, that I'm going to run the Madison Marathon in 2 weeks. I would really enjoy Grandma's but that's Ellie's first marathon, and I'm starting to look forward to being her #1 Cheerleader. A BQ on a day like may steal a bit of her sunshine.

Interestingly enough, I was just in Madison a couple weeks ago and ran a 10K course that happens to be miles 16-22 of the marathon and also includes the largest elevation change on the course. I'm excited for the chance to run Madison and hopeful the weather cooperates.

Last night was a Road-Trail-Road trifecta that I thoroughly enjoyed. First, a 7 mile loop in the Kettles. Then, 3 miles on the IAT. Finish that up with 7.27 miles on roads to get home. Beautiful. The results:

7.00 49:03 7:00 (7 mile loop of hills)
0.50 03:25 6:50 (Downhill on Road to IAT)
1.36 10:52 7:59 (IAT)
1.69 12:57 7:39 (IAT)
7.27 50:05 6:53 (Road to Home)

Totals: 14.77 Miles on Road at 6:57 pace, 17.82 Miles Total at 7:05 pace. My legs are currently experiencing some of those "Dull Muscular Ache" that Nitmos is so fond of.


Marcy said...

Sweet!! That's awesome that you'll be able to have another go at it next year :-)

David said...

Just catching up: sorry to hear about the loss, but you totally addressed it the best way. Family is first. And great news about the other races! BQ in 2008 for sure!

Nitmos said...

Good news. Your BQ awaits!

Jess said...

That's great that they'll reserve a place for you next year! Most races would be like, "Sorry, screw you."