28 April 2008

April (Snow) Showers

I was planning on running about 16 miles at PMP this weekend, but things got a bit busy. Saturday morning I went down to Madison for a seminar on Workers' Compensation Management (I know, I know--where can you sign up, right?). After sitting through the first 2 hours of a seminar I had actually already attended, I decided to leave. I had the notes and info at home already and my mind was on running. So at the first coffee break I snuck out and headed to the UW Arboretum. It's really a beautiful area, and there's a 10K loop around Lake Wingra that is used for the Mad City 100K event, held a couple weekends ago. Here's the course:

Each mile of the course is marked and named after a Wisconsin Olympian. It's pretty cool. Despite some serious winds, I ran the 10K in 40:27, which was a PR. I really feel like I'm peaking at the perfect time...

Saturday night was our church's fundraising auction, which Ellie was on the board of directors for. This past week we have been up until about midnight nightly preparing for it, and to have it finally arrive was wonderul. The best part? $130,000 was raised in His honor. Wow!

Sunday morning came with the plan of running before 10:30 church. Ellie and I both decided to punt on the run but did make it to church. As usual, the rest of the day filled up too, and we found ourselves last night making plans for the make-up run. Right now it's looking like it'll be tonight...except for the fact it's FRIGGEN SNOWING right now...unbelievable.


Tri+Umph said...

Woahh, nice fund raiser!

Sounds like its time to break out the snow shoes/yak trax again.

Nitmos said...

Are you kidding me with the snow? Better not send that my way.

Odd fact: I have never run a 10k. Your time looks great though!

The Laminator said...

Nice job on your race. Congrats on your PR. Actually your PR time is EXACTLY the same as my 10K PR time from my race last month --freaky.

Anyway, can't believe it's still snowing where you are. I guess it makes all your racing and training that much more impressive.