11 May 2008

A Full Weekend

This weekend really was a blur. Ellie's Grandmother was celebrated all weekend and I can honestly say it was the most joyous and flamboyant funeral I've ever been to:
Ellie with her Great Uncle Jim, wearing some of Grandma Louise's hats.

Many wonderful stories were told and many laughs were shared as we reminisced. I can't say enough about the stories and comeraderie. You can click Uncle Keith's website here for more pictures of odd people in funny hats.

Today, with a belly busting at the seams after indulging in fantastic pastries from the weekend, I set out for a long run--the last long one before the big day. Considering this weekend's diet, I wasn't sure if it would be a 14 miler or a 21 miler. I'd decide after the second lap of a hilly 7 mile loop.

Throughout the first loop I could feel my belly and that I was about 6 lbs heavier (literally--I weighed myself this morning) than I was last Thursday, but I still felt relatively good and finished in a 49:44. The second loop also felt surprisingly good, and I was able to really burn the downhill portions and gut it up the hills, having a decent recovery time after cresting them. Loop 2--1:40:24.

What the heck. Let's do a third. The first half of the loop was the uphill part, and that got a bit rough, especially as the wind picked up. Still, I marched on, with no gut problems any more, and I pushed it home in the last couple miles to finish my 21 miles in 2:31:35, for a 7:13 pace.

Both of my calves are pretty tight at the moment, but overall I'll take it. My confidence has been given another boost, too. Bring it on, Madison! I know you don't have hills like I dealt with today!


Marcy said...

Awwhhh how cute is that pic LOL!

Dude, you're sooo ready ;D

And, good point about Brit. I didn't think of that. Clever, clever you are ;-) Luckily she ran in her flip flops :P

Nitmos said...

That's great. I want to leave detailed instructions to make my Last Party a real party.

You are really knocking out these 20+ milers with relative ease. Get some rest now and recharge for the marathon!