14 February 2008

Guess what it's doing in Wisconsin...

If you guessed SNOWING, you're right! Another 7 inches of fluffy powder is coming down, cancelling afternoon activities and closing area schools early...AGAIN. Man, what a winter for students!
This meant that I got to Gerbil it up once again, making me think of one of my favorite music videos of all time:

Little known fact: The music band "OK Go" is actually a running club located in Wisconsin that came up with this video after spending an unusually high percentage of time training on treadmills.

Ok, totally made that up.

Today's workout: 8 miles, 58 minutes of treadmill utopia.

Question: Speaking of treadmills, what makes a good YouTube video?
Answer: Any combination of the following items:
1. Animal
2. Treadmill
3. A couch from circa 1974
4. Any reference to Ralph Macchio and/or The Karate Kid movies (in this case, the song).

If our cats weren't such wimps I might try that!

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