13 February 2008

A Change of Plans

I'm bummed. I have been looking forward to running Chicago for several reasons. I had a real bad taste in my mouth after last year. I wanted to run it 5 straight years. I wanted to run fast, with Doug, and finish in 2:59. I wanted to "conquer" the big city marathon. I won't be doing any of that.
State Chiropractic Regulations mandate that I have a Nutritional Counseling certification by the end of this year. I was originally told that because I'm a recent graduate, I wouldn't need it. Unfortunately, that was inaccurate, and I need to take a bunch of seminars by Dec. 31 or else. Because of the late notice I'm behind the eight ball a bit in making plans for seminars, and one of them only takes place...you guessed it...October 11th and 12th. Sorry Doug!
So it looks like I'm in the market for a different fall marathon or changing my focus to the Door County Fall 50 after Journeys in May. I'm heavily leaning to doing a marathon (or is that Ellie shoving me in that direction?) and this year it looks like the Milwaukee Marathon actually would work. Normally it's on the same date as Chicago, but this year it's a week earlier.
Talk about a difference though:
Chicago Marathon Registration Fee: $110
Milwaukee Marathon Registration Fee: $50
Chicago Participants: 45,000
Milwaukee Participants: 2,500

In a way I'm excited for a different adventure, but at the same time I'm already figuring out when I can return to Chicago!


Doug said...

Man, that sucks. Nothing like an unexpected change of plans to throw a wrench in things!

One day, we'll tear up the pavement together.

At least you hadn't signed up already, though, right?

Marcy said...

That stinks homie! Can't you jsut go on probation or something? :P I'm KIDDING!! That's what they do right? My husband is in the medical profession also and he's always hustling his butt (at the last minute, no less LOL) to get his continuing ed credits done.

Reid said...

Man, that is a bummer! Is Milwaukee a Boston-Qualifier? We still gotta meet there next year!

Anonymous said...

There will be plenty of time to Run Chicago again. No worries, if you are still looking for a BQ in the fall, which of course is the best time to BQ because you can run Boston Twice if you want. Milwaukee is as good of a choice as there is, fast flat and generally down wind course. There is the Fox Cities Marathon here local. I have a friend doing the fall 50, I think she is CRAZY.

Nitmos said...

Here's your chance to do the Detroit Marathon...the red headed stepchild to Chicago's Marathon. God bless Michigan's queen city but, really, is there any other reason to visit!? Bridge into Canada, underwater tunnel back to Mich, what more could you want? October 19th. Mark it!