22 February 2008

Getting Amped

I'm not sure I have the "coolness" clearance to use the word "amped," but I'm going with it anyway. I've had some great runs this week and am looking forward to the weekend, with an 18-20 miler planned and also a 5 mile speed workout (it's supposed to be in the mid 30's this weekend...finally!). I'm also amped because I chatted with my friend from Colorado last night. I'm going out there for a long weekend in the middle of March, and my first day out there is reserved for running with him. He told me he'd like to put in 2 solid hours in the morning and 2 more in the afternoon. I told him I'd try to hang with him...
Things are feeling great with my knee too. Perhaps it was the speed work I did this week that just kinda broke the final scar tissue areas free. I played my final City League basketball game last Wednesday, also, as Plymouth Plumbing & Heating lost in the first round of the playoffs to Rhode Dales Law Office. A tough loss, but we played hard and really earned the post-game trips to the bar. I enjoyed playing, also, but now can focus on running and gearing up for Journeys...provided the weather cooperates.
I hope everyone has a great weekend, and if you're someplace where the weather gets above freezing, run outside in shorts for me please!
Edited: Triserverence has a GREAT picture on his latest post.


Triseverance said...

Sounds like you will have some reasonable temps for your long run. Colorado sounds like fun, careful with the altitude and pushig it to hard.
Shorts it is for me, hopefully my white legs will not blind the locals down in Florida.

Christine said...

Hope the 20 miler goes well! Glad your knee is doing great :)