19 February 2008

Best Laid Plans

Yesterday at the office I had a backpack with runnning stuff waiting for the moment I finished with my last patient. I was going to change and head up to the high school and run in circles at a fast pace (3 miles, 5:45/mile).
As I started to change, I checked my voicemail to hear Ellie was just heading out to shovel the driveway (yep, it snowed again). Obviously, if I want to have any chance of winning such a prestigious award, I cannot allow my wife to shovel our driveway on her own. So much for the high school.
After spending about 5 minutes getting my door un-frozen in the parking lot (and falling flat on my you know what), I was home.
After using 20 minutes of shoveling as my warm up and then actually warming up with a cup of hot cocoa, I did 3 10-minute Lactate Thresholds on the Treadmill, at a pace of 5:45/mile. It felt great not only to run fast, but also to sweat. I even increased the grade to 5% on the last set, then brought it down .5% after every minute, for ten minutes. What a run!

Edit: I ran another 4 on the treadmill tonight (2/19), sweating profusely, finishing in 27:10.


Doug said...

You're hauling at 5:45 pace? I need to get my act together!

Triseverance said...

That is moving, from an outsiders perspective your running and fitness appears very strong.

Marcy said...

Didn't you get the memo? You only get that award if you fork over your wallet :P

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice run! Great pace!!!

bill carter said...

You are a madman. You workouts have been awesome for a while now and 5:45s are just flat out moving.

I've certainly done my share of shoveling this year and that is a heck of a workout as well.

Nitmos said...

Nice post title. ;)

I want a 5:45 mile. Just once. That is my goal this summer. Long neglected 5k time must be decreased! PR's or bust!

Jess said...

Holy smokes, you're fast!