24 February 2008

At Last

My first 20 mile run of the year is in the books. I literally ran to the end of a local country road and then back in to town, finishing with 20.5 miles, the last 19 in 2:26, for a 7:55 pace. I found this to be quite the "cruising" pace...where it would have likely worn me out to run much faster, but to run any slower would have also seemed uncomfortable. I'll take it. My avg HR was 150, and I hit 169 climbing the last hill at mile 19.

I'm feeling that muscle ache that I live for right now. My quads, my knees, my calves--they're sore but not injured. I accomplished something today. It's quite the sense of accomplishment, considering the weather. At last.


Doug said...

Nice job, Nic!

I had that happy soreness after 9 on the 9th. I look forward to feeling it again once my long runs get back up there.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Whoa, nice run. I'm my dreams (actually I don't even dream that big!) :D

Just catching up a bit. Glad you helped the wife shovel, very nice of you! Can you believe this every 3 or 4 days more storms. I'm dying, and the ice is on the way yet again today.

Running with the friend sounds intriguing. He must be quite the runner if you are worried about hanging with him.

Take care for now!!

Nitmos said...

Excellent run. Even training 20 milers come with a side dish of pride and accomplishment.

bill carter said...

Congrats on the 20 Nic. You just have to do these kinds of runs to do a marathon.... even someone as fast as you. I am expecting big things for you in the spring and don't forget that you committed way back to doing Boston '09... no backing out.

David said...

I think my eyelids would be aching after 20 miles. Especially in the frozen tundra up there. Good for you, and better you than me!

You earned yourself a nice egg white and cheese scramble with sausage!

Jess said...

Nice job on the 20!