10 September 2007

An actual recovery run.

I'm not good at simply running (well, actually, it can be debated if I'm good at any kind of running!), especially as the training weeks wind down. I feel like I need to train at a certain pace, or a certain HR, or work my legs to get them sore. Today, still feeling sore legs from this weekend, I simply ran. I put a book on my Shuffle that was an hour long (How to Ruin Your Life, by Ben Stein), and made what I felt was about an hour's worth of running. I did pretty well, too. According to mapmyrun.com, my loop was 7.48 miles, which I completed in 54 minutes. Those stats initially make my upset that I didn't run faster. But you know what? I've got two hard workouts coming up this week. Tonight was just fine. I can handle it.

For my Thursday workout, which will be the last real tough one before the Quad Cities, I've got a book already downloaded and ready to go: Worst Case Scenario. I'm pretty excited for it too! Ha Ha, hopefully I don't encounter any "worst case scenarios" when it comes to running and preparing for my events this fall while listening to that audiobook...

It's a pretty funny website...here's to the book having a chapter on "How to run a 3:10 marathon!"

How to disarm an irate golfer, from the website.

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