28 August 2007

A stationary progression...

My foot is definitely progressing with some rest, and I'm trying to keep getting work in on the bike. I biked for an hour and a half Sunday night and will go out again tonight to get in some time on the trails. I'm finding it's much harder to get the HR up into the zone I'd like it to be, but I actually might just find a hill and go up and down on it a while to get a workout in. The foot was pretty sore yesterday, kind of aching throughout the plantar fascia. Today that has improved, and I have a GooseBump ball permanently attached to the bottom of my foot whenever I'm sitting (even right now!). It's amazing how a little setback like this can throw off an entire routine. I've seen differences in my diet, my sleep pattern, my energy during the day. I need to run again!

A good friend of mine, Hack, would often tell me at high-anxiety times, "The hay is in the barn!"

No need to worry! I've put in the time.

I'll be fine.

Positive thoughts...positive thoughts...

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