07 October 2014

5 Days to Glacial Trail

Is it Sunday yet?

Not much to report here.  I had been feeling a bit worn down in the legs (and mind, for that matter) in the last couple weeks, but I had a solid run yesterday, and am feeling a bit more spark physically.

Goals for Glacial:

Start easy.  Get through the first 7 miles without breaking a sweat.

From Hwy 67 (Mile 7) to Butler Lake (Mile 13), get some calories in and keep it easy.  Use the easy parts of the trail to push the pace a bit, but within reason.

Butler Lake to Mauthe Lake (Mile 20) I will probably start to feel 'racy' and want to push a bit more.  Don't.

Mauthe to New Fane (halfway) is a time to cruise again.  One big climb, then pretty easy trail.  Get in and out of New Fane, and use the adrenaline of the halfway point to make a solid effort back to Mauthe (now at Mile 29.5).

Mauthe to Butler (Mile 37) is going to be a tough stretch.  I'll be approaching new territory (beyond 50k distance) and it's a longer stretch without much fanfare.  Stick to the gameplan.  Get there in solid shape.

Butler to Hwy 67 (Mile 43) will be when I put the music on and start to get to work.  It would be GREAT to cover this stretch right under an hour.  This stretch also has the highest point on the course at Parnell.  That will be a good morale booster upon completion.

Hwy 67 to Finish is when it's time to dig dig dig.  Put the body in Grinding Gear and don't be weak.  Give it all I got.

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