22 September 2014

19 Days to Glacial Trail

I needed that.

I ran a total of 12 miles last week, with a whopping 217 feet of elevation gain.  I was not really beat up too badly from the previous marathon in the physical sense, but I think mentally I needed a break.  I got in a couple runs and felt relatively well-recovered during them.  Yet, I think my 'cruising speed' is 10-15 seconds slower than it was a couple weeks ago, going in to Lapham, so I will need to watch that, as that is often a sign of over training.

Hopefully I didn't peak too early for the goal race in under 3 weeks.  Even if I did, though, I'll take the amazing memories of Marquette, Lapham Peak, and TNF in less than a month.  What a great stretch!
I hadn't been to this light house since high school.  Oddly enough, this weekend is my 15 year reunion!

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