02 September 2014

Race Week, v3.0

I'm hoping for another solid effort this weekend at Lapham Peak.  2 years ago, I ran 3:37.  Last year, in some hotter temperatures (and on worse training, I think), I ran 3:50.  I'd really like to be able to run 3:35.  Lapham Peak is a 4-loop course, so a 3:35 means sub-54 minute laps.  Here are the splits from my 3:37 run:

57:19, 53:03, 52:22, 54:43

And, my 3:50:

53:11, 53:36, 59:16, 64:22

Let's make it happen this week!  Temperatures look like they'll be friendly, and my legs feel decent.  I'm not sure I feel as fresh as I did for Marquette, but I am a much better climber this year compared to ever before, thanks to Devils Lake and Marquette.  In fact, yesterday I ran 13 miles on the Glacial Trail course and only walked up one hill.  Those smaller (relatively speaking) hills just seem easier!  So, Lapham will be a good challenge...how many of the bigger hills can I cover at a faster pace?

Saturday, 8 AM.

4 Days until Lapham Peak
11 Days until North Face
40 Days until Glacial Trail 50

25 Aug - 31 Aug
45 miles
2,032 feet

Breakfast with my son and (Princess) daughter at The Osthoff
GG, Grandpa, and the Fair

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nikki said...

you did amazing! so inspired!