25 August 2014

12 Days to Lapham Peak

This was definitely more of a recovery week than I had hoped for.  I was aiming for more miles, but I had to take off Wednesday due to family illness, then lost some miles and replaced them with hill training on Saturday (only 3 miles, but 1,000 feet of gain on Nutt Hill), and then, with the humidity setting in, I missed some miles on Friday and Sunday.  Oh well.  While my legs felt decent at the midweek point after last weekend's race, they still had some definite ache in them over this weekend, so perhaps it's better to keep the miles down a bit.  

The one downside, I guess, of having several races on the schedule is that you'll lose some training time between all that tapering, racing, and recovering.  Hopefully the mental training of the race makes up for it.

Hopefully 50 miles this week, then some solid speed work at the beginning of next week, and then Lapham Peak!

12 Days until Lapham Peak
19 Days until North Face
48 Days until Glacial Trail 50

18 Aug - 24 Aug
32 miles
3,002 feet

Dominating the Rock Wall

Their new favorite swing.

Estelle's Grilled Cheese sandwich at the races

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