29 April 2014

2 Weeks!

I'm excited for Ice Age.  I just finished up a 55 mile week, which is a lot for me.  I normally aim for 30, but was able to get out for a solid 21 miler on Thursday and felt decent the whole time.  I would like to finish in the top 5...but I'm not sure that's going to happen.  There are some fast fellas signed up for the 50k.  And if I think those guys are fast, I should mention that the 50 mile event is ridiculously loaded.  There are 10-15 national-level (don't ask me to define what exactly that is...I'm not sure) runners coming.  My guess is a darkhorse or two will make their presence known as well.  In fact, there's one guy making his ultra debut who has a marathon PR of 2:12.

Back to the 50k -- I need to be smart.  I need to keep my HR in check for the beginning portions but still get calories in.  I need to find some mental toughness on the second loop of the Nordic loop (the last 9 miles).  Last year I gave away about 10 minutes on that loop.  My goals are 1. Top 5, 2. 4:15, and 3. 4:20.

Also, I've been nominated for a blog award!  Special thanks to Nikki for the nomination (and also get healthy and congrats on your run!).  Here are my answers:

1.  how did you get started running?
In 2003, my wife (then fiance) had our bachelor/bachelorette parties together.  While at the party, and drinking relatively heavily, one of my older sisters mentioned that she wanted to run a marathon some day.  "Me too," I replied.  I should have stopped there, but instead continued with, "Let's do it.  Let's sign up right now."
We did, and sure enough we ran Chicago the next fall.  Ever since finishing that first one in 5:15 I've been pretty hooked.  I've kind of migrated to the trails and to slightly longer stuff, but I still want to return to the 'big city marathon' at some point to experience those starting jitters and the crowd again.

2.  are you always nervous for races?
Not really.  I was really scared for that first one, but now...I just kind of know that my training "is what it is" and I need to take what the day gives me.  If I follow through and run a trail 50 miler this fall, yes I will be nervous.  That will be something I haven't done yet.

3.  do you have race "outfits"?
Yes.  Look through this blog and you'll see some NF jerseys, then an Honor Flight jersey, and lately I've settled on a Greenbush Trail Runners shirt.  I actualy just got a new one to debut at Ice Age.  I'm also picky about shorts and shoes, and like the mental feeling of having a new pair of shoes for a big race.  Unfortunately, that's not really feasible financially!

4.  is there something special that you have to have with you for a race?  like a talisman of sorts?
Beer for when I'm done.

5.  do you always have a cheering section when you race or do you go to races alone?
I'm lucky to have a great wife and my parents are often at my races as well.  This summer I'll be venturing out on my own for a couple races, and they are on beautiful courses, so I'll probably be running with a camera to document the area.

6.  would you still train or run as hard if you didn't enter races?
Absolutely not.  I need that 'carrot' and measuring stick to work for.

7.  what's your favorite food?
Gotta go with Pizza.  I'm a health and nutrition nut...but I can't truthfully say my favorite food is anything other than a pizza with all kinds of toppings (including veggies--healthy!).

8.  favorite thing to do besides running?
Family time.  Edwin (will be 4 in a month) and Estelle (2) are awesome.

9.  do you have any pets?
Parsenn, our dog and my buddy, who loves to fetch tennis balls, and Grace, our 3-legged cat, who loves to nap and has a little "Grumpy Cat" in her, for sure.

10.  what's your dream job?
This is a tough one.  I honestly think being a mailman would be kind of neat.  Gotta be organized, get to walk around all day, and get to experience any and all weather to get the job done!  But, I'd have to get rid of Saturday deliveries, for sure.  If not a mailman, a scout for a professional sports team.  That would be fun also.

I'm hoping to get some pictures up from our trip, and from last weekend with the kids...so stay tuned.  Thanks again, Nikki for the nomination!  I'll have to find some other worthy candidates!


nikki said...

i'm really looking forward to seeing everyone run at ice age! i'm so sad that i won't be running but the last couple of runs have gone so well i was entertaining the idea that i could still run. hahah! with no training. um, yeah... no.

i love that you have a 3 legged cat! good luck at the race and hopefully we will see each other!

nwgdc said...

Where will you be volunteering?