27 January 2014

1st Race Week of the Year!

I'm running the John Dick 50k this weekend.  It currently looks like it'll be 'warm', which is a very relative term, considering it's about -15 right now, with 20 mph winds.  

I'm looking forward to this run.  It'll be an experience.  When first signing up, I thought that I would probably only do 30 or 40k, then call it a day.  However, the last two weeks have been decent.  I've only missed one day in the last 20, and despite the weather, they've all been outside miles!

I plan to go very easy at the beginning, comfortably getting through the first 20k.  I'd like to negative split the 21-40k section, when compared to the first 20k.  Then, if needed, I'll death march to the finish.  

As someone who tends to run in as little as possible--I don't even like carrying a bottle and prefer these--the equipment planning for this race will be interesting.  I think there will be several clothing changes, and I'm not sure at all what I'll be doing for nutrition.  Oh well, as I mentioned earlier, it's going to be an experience.

Some pictures from the previous week in running (37 miles total, plus 6 hours of basketball):

Glad I'm not a rabbit. This doesn't look tasty. 

I disturbed about 25 turkeys on my run...you can kind of seem them out there.

Goggle Running is awesome.  So much better than sunglasses!

Fresh Tracks on the IAT

Woodpecker design or Human Being design?  Either way, it's pretty cool.

"For Information WRITE to..."  Write?!  No email address or twitter handle?!
Odd growth off the side of this tree, don't you think?  This is the beginning of my "Home Trail"

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