11 November 2013

The Last Month in Training

October 22:  1 hour, kickboxing.

That'd be it.

Since my wonderful run at the Glacial Trail 50k on October 13th, my training has consisted of exactly one hour of kickboxing at Final Option.  This class is no joke...wow.  I hope to make it a weekly session and can't recommend it highly enough.

This week, exactly 1 month since Glacial, I will probably start running again.  I've enjoyed the 10 lbs I've gained (but at the same time find some great motivation in that, for sure!) and have really enjoyed the lack of mental stress and urgency that I had placed upon myself.

This weekend is the Northern Kettle Key Run and should be a good time.  I'll probably run 8-10 miles, and wear a 25 lb weight vest for the run.  Just something new.  Several guys are pulling tires around at the moment which also intrigues me.

Soon enough it'll be time to register for Ice Age, and because it'll sell out THAT DAY, I should really start thinking about the 50 miler again.  Hmmm... 50 miles on trails: something I WILL do at some point....or 50K under 4 hours: something I HOPE to do at some point...


.n. said...

when does registration for ice age open? i've been watching several races that i want to run in 2014 and registration is all across the board. i'm trying to register for the DWD in devil's lake but it still isn't available even tho' the website says november. *sigh*

Matt said...

IAT50 registration opens December 15th. I think last year the 50K sold out in a few hours and the 50M sold out in a little over 24 hours.

nwgdc said...

Yes, stay on top of the IAT50 registration (best way is via FB), because it will likely sell out even faster this year! I'm hoping to run both of those...see you there! How are the feet doing?

Matt, see you Saturday!