10 June 2013

Events That Will Interrupt a Speed Session

I'm putting the final touches on my training for the Maritime Marathon on June 23rd.  I'd like to PR (under 2:59:24) and am really looking forward to start a taper after this Thursday.
In the meantime, tonight's run included some speed work...

  Click Here for the Splits.

There were a couple Interruptions:

  •  Splits 1,2: 1 mile warm up. 
  •  Split 4: A very, very, very persistent dog and a very, very, very lazy owner. The damn dog barked and growled at me until I was 2 full houses past the dog's owner's home. Hey, buddy, your shock collar ain't working (I could hear it going off). Come get your dog. 
  •  Split 11: I ran straight through the smoke cloud being generated by a firefighter-controlled brush fire in the ditch of the road. Awesome. 
  •  Split 14: I was taxed from the previous splits, and then had to very carefully cross the path of 4 angry Canada Geese, and their babies. 

 More on my training coming up late this week or early next week.

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