30 April 2013


As I shared in my last post, this week and last week were BIG in terms of getting ready for Ice Age.  I could run a 4:10 after a solid two weeks.  If the last 2 weeks went terribly, I'm probably looking at at 4:20. 

I think I'm aiming for a 4:15.  Last two weeks were good.  Adequate.  Acceptable.  Below my expectations for myself. 

Between work, social outings (diet...), seminars, and travel (DIET AGAIN) for my brother-in-law's graduation from Chiropractic school, I just didn't get in as many miles as I wanted.  I've got a big effort planned for Thursday to really see where I am, so perhaps my goal time will be adjusted after that. 

But until then, 4:15. 

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