15 April 2013

1 Month to Ice Age

Mon -  Darn it.  I should have gotten up.  I'm so weak.  My alarm went off at 5 so I could get going with a run before work...and I wimped out.  I think I blamed the fog outside.  Soft.

Tue - After work I managed a hard 30 minute hill session, then put in 45 minutes on the elliptical while Ellie went to kickboxing.  My avg HR for this elliptical session was 142 (last time it was 138) but my max only went to 162 (last time 168).  I think my avg HR would have been lower if I hadn't worked the cool down a bit more this time around.  It'll be interesting to track.  I'm not a huge fan of admitting I work out on an elliptical, but that's my only option on Tuesday/Thursday nights, so I'll take it.

Wed - 30 minute DogJog

Thur - I needed to run to Wauwatosa today to pick up a new file cabinet for the office (exciting stuff, I know), so I stopped off and got some miles in on the IAT.  I started at Hwy H and headed north.  It ended up being 16 miles in about 2:20.  I'm slow.  I ran a negative split and felt decent all morning despite taking in nothing for calories...but still...I felt slow.  I still want to break 4 hours in the 50k and 3 in the marathon, and I'm just slow right now.  I still have some time for the marathon, but the 50k will be interesting.  Then again, it was a crazy windy rainy muddy weather day. Maybe the conditions account for 15-30 seconds a mile?  In reality, is there any chance I don't get chicked at Ice Age??  A couple pics from the run:

Single Track on a Moraine.  Can't really see the horizontal misting/raining, but it was there!

Imagine if the marked the IAT with these signs.  The bullet hole is a nice touch, too.

IAT Rest Stop
Fri - DogJog, 20 mins.

Sat - Hill Repeats on the IAT.  There's still a lot of snow up there, especially on the northern slopes.  Melt! I ran about 1:15 of hills.  Only in the last 30 minutes did I feel decent and...dare I say...fast.  Otherwise most runs have felt like slugfests. 

Sun - 5 miles on a trail loop from my house.  Nothing much to say about the run...but the sunrise was nice!  Then, the sun got above the clouds, and disappeared once again for an entire day.  Cloudy, Rainy, Snowy...it just isn't ending!

On to this week...which is pretty darn important to Ice Age.  Time to buckle down, get miles in, and wear myself out a bit.  I definitely don't think I'm in 4:05 shape for Ice Age (what I ran there in '11), but I think this week and next week will determine whether I can shoot for 4:10 or 4:20. 

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