05 April 2013

2 Week Summary

Mon (3/23) - 5 Miles, easy. 

Tue - 6 Miles on the road, followed by 30 minutes of elliptical once the kiddos are asleep.  The road work was a bit disappointing.  Even small hills zapped my energy and slowed my pace.  BUT, that will come.  During the elliptical I finished AK's "Indulgence."  Not bad.  Not great either.  But, heck, I'm on an elliptical.  It'll do.

Wed - 3 mile DogJog.

Thur - 5 mile DogJog.  Blah again, but got some time in on my feet.

Fri - Nothing.  Family and Church stuff.

Sat - Bushwhacked and ran for 1:30 with my dog again.  It was 40 out (wow!), but there is still a LOT of snow out there.

Sun - Nothing.  Easter.  He Is Risen!


Mon (4/1) - 6.2 miles.  From my house, up the IAT, then back through the Gravel Pit.  Interesting "10k" route.  I ran one section of the IAT, from the trailhead to the 2nd Mile Marker, in 19.  I think my best ever is 16.  The conditions are terrible, but I'm not that fast yet either.  Gotta keep working on that, as that section of trail is a great barometer for fitness.

Tues - 5 miles, tempo.  I decided to pick up the pace a bit.  I could feel it, but kept the HR under 160, and managed a 7:15ish pace.

Wed - Nada.  I figured a day off would be decent.  Thursday will be a hard day, and Friday will be a 31 mile slugfest in the snow.  Hence, rest today.

Thurs - Great run!  I did one of my favorite hilly road runs, and then extended it up another hill...then down...then up up up...then down.  Then, I turned around.  I'll be back to the big hill I ran in the middle for some repeats.  It's a perfec 1/2 mile long and steep.  1,274 ft of gain.

"Then again, I haven’t run as well there as I know I’m capable of, so the desire to try again is strong. The bottom line for me is that once I have accomplished a goal I like to move on. Dominance does not interest me; progression does."

I think that kind of sums up why I keep looking back at races I've already done, and looking forward to doing them again...especially Glacial Trail...and "double especially" when I show up 10 minutes late for the start.

Tomorrow is the 3rd Annual NK50k.  I've run it in 5 hours, and 6 hours, the last two years.  This year, with the slop on the ground, it's probably going to be closer to 6 hours.  Oh yeah, and it's supposed to rain.  This year I WILL do it again for a speed time.  I think 4:15-4:20 would be pretty stout.  I'll be back this weekend with a summary and some photos.

Happy Easter!

Just readin' the paper.

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