18 December 2012


I managed to get registered for the Ice Age Trail 50 miler in May, despite the fact it sold out in less than two days.  Afterwards, I felt excitement and fear for a new challenge.  I've run several trail 50k's and two road 50 milers, but 50 miles on the trails has brought a sense of "holy crap, I gotta really buckle down and train for this!" type of feeling over me.  I'm chomping at the bit.

I'm hoping to return to the Maritime Marathon next June also and would love to take the solid base I will have developed from 50-mile training, sharpen up the speed, and run a PR there.  That's all that's really on my schedule at the moment.  The fall will sort itself out once all the events are positioned on the calendar (still waiting for the North Face WI event to set a date), and I'll also see how Ice Age goes before decided on what to do, if anything, at Glacial Trail.

Getting back to Ice Age, though...just perusing the registrants, there seem to be at least 20-25 people whose names I recognize immediately as FAST.  Several additional fast names always seem to get added too, so I'm going to focus as much as I can on training for a certain time and not waste any headspace thinking about where I can finish. It's going to be fun! 

I plan on getting going on training in the middle of January, after a wonderful family ski trip out to Colorado.  My boss (Ellie) and wife (Ellie) and my training coach (currently just me) will be sure that I don't come back injured, so that training starts off on the right note.

Until then Merry Christmas!

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